"Wrapped in the large booming voice of Taiko, I am lost to the deep soft sound that resonates from the drum. The sound of taiko gives me a sense of awe. Creating this awesome sound is very hard. It requires physical training and absolute concentration to be in right position, right form and right mind. The power of taiko synchronizes the power of life in me. When this happens, I feel alive."

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2016 Children's Programs

Ikuyo is working on Children's Programs this year. Please visit workshops page for more information.

In the year 2016, Ikuyo continues to focus on health and coordination with music, rhythm and movement in both the adult and children's programs. Taiko is a physical drumming. To be able to drum with power, the drummer needs to learn how to use the body effectively. The student also needs to develop accuracy and speed with fine motor skills. The children's music pieces that I compose are designed to teach basic motor skills: such as symmetrical movement skills (move both hands or both legs together), reciprocal movement skills (move each side of the body in rhythmical way), asymmetrical bilateral coordination (both sides of the body are working together, but each side is doing oppositional movements), and crossing the middle line.