The basic training of Taiko drumming starts with repetitious physical movements. This physical training starts as rather rigid and formalistic, but with practice. the physical movements of the drummer become less rigid and more intuitive. Success in Taiko drumming will take time.

Classes are held at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church which is located at 800 Cass Street in Monterey (map).  Advance Taiko is held at Watsonville Taiko Dojo in Watsonville.  The address is 150 Blackburn St. Watsonville. E-mail for information: or  Phone: (831)665-1476 or (831)234-4528.

In an ever more busy and modern technological world, our bodies ache for something fundamental to connect us to that which is both outside and within ourselves. The Taiko drum is a simple instrument yet it carries an ancient voice that repeats the basic rhythms of life.

Taiko Class Times:

Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 800 Cass Street, Monterey CA.
Pre-registration required, please contact:

5:00 � 6:00 pm Beginning I
6:00 � 7:00 pm Beginning II
7:00 � 8:00 pm Intermediate
8:00 � 9:00 pm Introduction to Performance

Taiko Classes in 2019

Winter Session - 8 Mondays:
January 7 through February 25

Spring Session I - 9 Mondays:
March 4 through April 29

Spring Session II - 8 Mondays:
May 6 through June 24

Summer session - 9 Mondays:
July 1 through August 26

Fall Session - 9 Mondays:
September 2 through October 28

Winter Session - 9Mondays:
November 4 through December 30